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Breast augmentation with Phibeautyclinic Phuket, Thailand

การผ่าตัดเพิ่มขนาดของเต้านม แก้ไขเต้านมที่หย่อนคล้อย เสริมหน้าอกร่วมกับการผ่าตัดยกกระชับเต้านม breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a good solution for women who want to increase volume or shape of their breasts. This is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and size of your breast. Breast augmentation may be required after pregnancy, or after weight loss, or women with small breasts due to lack of tissue because after your pregnant your breast tissue will decrease and some time breast will be sagging.
Phi Beauty Clinic Phuket we use latest breast implant cohesive silicone, which will give your breast have a nice shape with natural look.
The models of breast implants vary according to the filling, shape, and size, surface, also according to the quality. It is essential to inform you in detail about the different types of breast implants, for a successful breast augmentation.
We advise you to choose a size of breast implants in phase with your body. Of course, high sizes of silicon implant can also be considered. In addition to the size, the shape or profile of the breast implant is just as important.
We use silicone gel implant , there are two types, first is round implant and the second is tear drop type. The second type is good because the shape will look more natural
Our plastic surgeon wills advice detail over consultation. We always select the best quality best implant to serve you.

Type of silicone breast implant have 2 types

  1. Round Implant

  2. ซิลิโคนทรงกลม ผิวเรียบและผิวหยาบ silicone breast Round Implant

    Round implants is traditional form of implant, it is dome shape have the same shape all over width being equal to the high projection of round is at the center of implant, there is no concern about rotating out of place and creating a problem with symmetry in the future. Round Implants can make your breast more fuller in the upper pole

  3. Tear Drop implant (Anatomical Implant)

  4. ซิลิโคนทรงหยดน้ำ ผิวหยาบ silicone breast Tear drop Implant

    The official name of the tear drop implants is Anatomical Implant, it was originally named anatomical because it has a shape similar to the shape of natural women breast. The reason why it is called tear drop implant is because the shape when viewed from the side is similar to water tear droplet. The projection of tear drop implant is at lower part.
    In case of patients with very small volume of the breast and skinny When using tear drop implants, can produce more beautiful results and get more natural look, in some case when use round implant may be visible the round circle border at upper pole

    How your breast look when you place Round VS Tear Drop implant
    This is possibility shape when standing, the lateral view after placement round implant and Tear drop implant, for round have fullness result at the upper pole when compare with tear drop the result show look like natural breast and slope along down and have more volume and project at lower part.

    round type and waterdrop type

Surfaces of Breast implant

1. Smooth surface
The surface is smooth, soft and thin, smooth surface is available in round implant only. In the first 6 month after breast augmentation surgery, You need a lot of massage for stretching tissue and massage to reduce for capsule contracture so that you can get a smooth and natural breast, in addition this type of surface can created smaller incision and scar less because the smoothness is easier when insert implant in the breast pocket. However if you want for smaller incision wound, fast recovery and less pain you need to should Endoscopic Assisted Breast augmentation.

smooth surface

2. Texture surface
The surface is rough and soft, the rough surface can precise adhesion attach with breast tissue better so that can reduce rate of sagging breast more benefit is can reduce change of capsule contracture. After breast surgery you can observe your self in order to maintain beautiful shape of your breast so you don’t have to massage a lot.

texture surface

Position of the Incision

Position of the Incision

There are three types of incisions that each have their advantages and disadvantages, under breast incision, around the areola incision and armpit incision our plastic surgeon has experience with all types of incisions will advise you the best options based on your anatomy and breast shape.

1. Inframammary incision (under breast incision)
The incision is located in the lower fold of breast. This incision allows surgeon to have the most control over where the implant is placed, can put big volume implants but If you put very big the incision wound will longer. This incision is suitable for normal breast augmentation and breast augment with breast lift surgery.

2. Axillary incision (armpit incision)
The position of the incision in the armpit the breast augmentation has the obvious advantage that the scar is hidden in the armpit and often almost invisible after healing. but this type of incision difficult to control creating the pocket ,surgeon can then use specific instrumentations endoscope to maintain a good degree of control bleeding and control shape.

3. Periareolar incision (around nipple incision)
The periareolar incision is located at the lower outer edge of the areola. The scar very well camouflage. However, since the size of the incision is limited by the size of the halo of areolar, it not suite to put too big breast implants. periareolar incisions include a risk of loss of nipple sensitivity and in some women There is a risk of difficulty breastfeeding in the future

Breast Implant Placement

Breast Incision: Inframammary incision or under breast, Transaxillary and Periareolar

Breast augmentation (Breast surgery) at Phibeautyclinic phuket have 2 techniques for place the breast implant.

  1. Breast augmentation with place the breast implant over the muscle
  2. Advantages :
    • less pain
    • short time for recovery
    • suitable for woman who have more breast tissue
    Disadvantages :

    When use in thinner woman breast rippling may be visible around the breast and risk of capsular contracture is more. when use smooth surface breast implant.

  3. Breast augmentation with place the breast implant under the muscle
  4. Advantages :

    Risk of capsular contracture is less than over the muscle and Breast rippling is less.

    Disadvantages :

    more pain than over the muscle

Breast Incision

for the breast incision have 3 choices

  1. Inframammary incision or under breast incision :

    This technique have incision along the crease or fold of the breast. The wound is rapidly complete healing and less pain but have the scar under the breast , if you do not care the scar , this incision you can should.

  2. Transaxillary incision :

    This technique have incision within the armpit , you achieves a breast augmentation with no scar on the breast itself.

  3. Periareolar incision :

    This technique have incision around the outer edge of the areola, suitable for woman who have good skin laxity and fat or in case that plastic surgeon need to do with breast lifting together This incision have see scar obvious.

Breast augmentation with endoscopic assisted

Phibeauty Clinic Phuket offer you special breast surgery with high technology, modern and safety for breast augmentation with endoscopic assistant during surgery with good result

 with doctor Chi and nures do breast augmentation with endoscopic at phibeautyclinic Phuket

Advantage of breast augmentation with endoscopic assisted

  1. Short incision wound
  2. Less pain: because when we use endoscopic assistant in breast tissue, we can see all of details example; tissue, vessel, nerve then we can control all of factors
  3. Rapidly for recovery
  4. Rare of capsular contracture
  5. Good control of breast shape