Medial Epicanthoplasty

Medial Epicanthoplasty

Epicanthal folds or Mongolian fold is most common in Asian people.Now epicanthoplasty is very popular in asia, this procedure can do together with double eyelid surgery. Epicanthoplasty can make shape of eyes to wider and bigger


Step of Medial Epicanthoplasty

  1. Plastic surgeon will design and mark at epicanthal fold
  2. Inject local anesthesia at surgery area
  3. Put incision at epicanthal fold
  4. Correction epicanthal fold
  5. Suture to closer the wound




Details of Medial Epicanthoplasty

Duration : 1 hours

Anesthesia : Local anesthesia

Recovery : 1 week

Swelling pattern :

  • Swelling and bruising about 1 week
  • Swelling will disappear in 1-2 weeks

Stitich off : 1 week

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Posted on 1 year ago

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