Eye ptosis correction


Eye ptosis correction

Eyes is important organ in your face. Normally you use eyes for see anything but your eyes can make more things if you have bigger and beautyful eyes

Beautyful eyes will make more charm. Make beautyful eyes with Phibeauty clinic Phuket

Not only physical appearance of eyes but also open and close function are very important

For beaytyful eyes when you open your eyes lower eye crease may in same position of eyes little bit high of black eye crease, When upper eye crease in lower black eye crease approximate 1-2 mm. If upper eye crease is cover black eye crease more than 1-2 mm we call eye ptosis will make you look sad, this problem of eye ptosis plastic surgon will correction by eye ptosis correction surgery


Cause of eye ptosis

  1. From trauma; When often use contaclens, or crush the eyes from allergy or in older age
  2. From congenital diesease or after birth; Myasthenia Gravis diesease


Technique of eye ptosis correction procedure

  1. Plastic surgeon will design of new eye crease
  2. Injection local anesthesia at surgery area
  3. Incision wound and correction weak eye muscle with tighten eye muscle and repair muscle
  4. After finish all correction, plastic surgeon will suture wound
  5. Your eyes will look bright and bigger immediately after surgery done



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Posted on 5 years ago

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