Breast Augmentation with Lifting

Breast Lift Phuket


When you have breast feeding for long time after pregnancy or massive weight loss or even older age, your breast will have sagging shape, your nipples point to downward. Breast aumentation with Lifting is the good procedure that can correct this problem of breast ptosis(breast sagging)


Degrees of Breast Ptosis

For breast lifting procedure depend on degree of breast ptosis. We have 3 type incision of breast lift procedures

  1. Areola incision: This type is good candidate for who have minor (or Circumareolar breast lift technique) sagging of breast
  2. เต้านมหย่อนคล้อย แผลผ่าตัดรอบปานนม
  3. Vertical breast lift techinque or lollipop incision: This type have incision around border of areola vertical incision from areola down to breast crease
  4. เปิดแผลรอบปานนม แผลเส้นยาว แผลแบบ lollipop
  5. Inverted - T lift technique or traditional breast lift or anchor lift: This type use for moderate to severe breast ptosis. Incision around border of areola, vertical incision from areola down to breast crease and incision at breast crease
  6. เปิดแผลเป็นรูปตัว T เต้านมหย่อนคล้อยมาก

Detail of Breast augmentation with lifting

Duration : 4-5 hours

Anesthesia : General anesthesia

Recovery : 1-2 weeks

Swelling pattern : 1-2 weeks

Stitich off : 1 week