Blepharoplasty Phuket

The eyes are important for your face.When your eyes have a good shape, will make you to have good appearance and look more charming.Double eyelid surgery is suitable for who have single eye crease, who have eye crease but not dominant, or who have crease but not beautiful

Step of double eyelid surgery procedure

  1. Plastic surgeon will design eye crease and drawing
  2. Inject local anesthesia at surgery area
  3. Put incision at eye crease
  4. Cut the skin or fat ( if have much of fat at eyelid )
  5. Suture incision wound

Details of double eyelid surgery procedure

Duration : 1 hours

Anesthesia : Local anesthesia

Recovery : 5-7 days

Swelling pattern :

  • Swelling and bruising about 1 week
  • Swelling will disappear in 1-2 weeks

Stitich off : 1 week