Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery

The eyes are important for your face.When your eyes have a good shape, will make you to have good appearance and look more charming.Double eyelid surgery is suitable for who have single eye crease, who have eye crease but not dominant, or who have crease but not beautiful

Step of double eyelid surgery procedure

  1. Plastic surgeon will design eye crease and drawing
  2. Inject local anesthesia at surgery area
  3. Put incision at eye crease
  4. Cut the skin or fat ( if have much of fat at eyelid )
  5. Suture incision wound

Details of double eyelid surgery procedure

Duration : 1 hours

Anesthesia : Local anesthesia

Recovery : 5-7 days

Swelling pattern :

  • Swelling and bruising about 1 week
  • Swelling will disappear in 1-2 weeks

Stitich off : 1 week

How to take care after eyelids surgery

  1. should cool compress often during the 72 hours after surgery for reduce swelling.
  2. should be stay in a cool environment such as air conditioned room for reduce swelling.
  3. should relax by sitting a with head up in the daytime and on the night time sleep with high pillow (2-3 pillow) for the wound higher than the heart to reduce swelling
  4. Reduce Activity example: shopping or do housework during the first week after surgery.
  5. Do not scratch at the wound or pull the suture by yourself because it will be have cause of wound infeetions or separate wound.
  6. If you have dry eyes you can use artificial tears drops, these symptoms will gradually feet better and heal by itself.
  7. During the first 2 weeks, do not put contact lenses, should wear glasses instead to avoid trauma at surgical wound.
  8. Do not make up after surgery untill the wounds complete healed, it may take time about 2-3 weeks.
  9. Can exercise after surgery at least 1 months
  10. Take all medications as the doctor ordered to complete
  11. if you have any quetions you can contact /tel.+66(87)-6883999