Lipofilling, fat grafting, fat transfer procedure

Now Lipofilling is popular procedure. Phibeauty Clinic Phuket offer this procedure to make you look younger


Lipofilling: This procedure is use the autologous fat from tummy(abdomen) or thigh and transfer to area that you want to filling; at eyes, lower eyes, check, nasolabial fold, temporal area, forehead or others areas

Technique of Lipofilling

  1. Plastic surgeon will design at area of surgery
  2. Injection local anesthesia at abdomen or thigh(donor site) for liposuction by special equipment to get the fat
  3. After get the fat cells We bring the fat cells to special process for fat praticle
  4. Then transfer the fat cells to area that you want to do transfer

Area for lipofilling

Face: When you older age will have sagging of skin be look not happy. Lippofilling can help this problem and you will look freshy

Lipofilling บริเวณที่นิยมฉีดไขมัน


Breast: Lipofilling at breast good procedure in case that have thin skin after breast augmentation procedure

ฉีดไขมันบริเวณหน้าอก, Breast Lipofilling


Hand and fingers: When you have hand withered look more old aged. Lipofilling can answer for this problem

ฉีดไขมันบริเวณมือและนิ้วมือ Hand and fingers Lipofilling


Hip and Buttock: Fat grafting can do in woman who want to have full buttock


รีวิวฉีดไขมันใต้ตา เติมร่องลึกให้คืนความสดใสให้กับดวงตา


Before lipofilling preoperative

  1. Please stop smoking minimum 1 month before surgery, because nicotin in tobacco will effect for fat cells and not good for fat transfer
  2. Please stop drinking alcohol before surgery 3 days for prevent brusing and swelling
  3. Please stop all vitamins, fish oil, primrose oil, herbals, NSAID drug ( aspirin, ibuprofen, ponstan ) and all food supplements before surgery 2-3 weeks for prevent bruising and swelling
  4. Take a rest, in night time please lift the head up

Post - operative after lipofilling

  1. Do not press at lipofilling area
  2. For plaster not remove by youself, doctor will remove for you
  3. Do not smoking after surgery around 1 month
  4. Do not massage at lipofilling area

Advantage of lipofilling

  1. Fat is permanent
  2. Not have foreign body inside because fat is yours
  3. Minimal invasive and low risk of complications
  4. Imporvement at donor site and recipient site (lipofilling area)

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