การดูดไขมัน Liposuction

Liposuction is procedure for body contouring, shape and proportion of your body. Phibeauty clinic phuket offer liposuction with vaser or you can call vaser liposuction. For vaser liposuction have more advantage then standard liposuction example; less trauma of tissue, less pain, faster recovery

What area can liposuction

  • Abdomen(tummy, circumbody)
  • Thigh
  • waist(love handle)
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Chin and neck

บริเวณที่สามารถดูดไขมันได้, area can liposuction

Advantage of liposuction procedure

  1. Improve of shape
  2. Improve appearance and personality
  3. Remove fat from your body

Detail of liposuction

Duration : Depend on area of liposuction

Anesthesia : General Anesthesia

Recovery : 1 week

Swelling pattern : 1-2 weeks

Stitich off : Not necessary