endoscopic breast augmentation Phuket, Thailand

endoscopic breast augmentation Phuket, Thailand

Nowadays, breast surgery for woman are very popular. Woman decied to do breast augmentation to increase confidence for herself. But for breast surgery procedure we need to choose clinic or hospital for safety and for best result.


   Phibeautyclinic phuket plastic surgery clinic we offer you to do breast augmentation with endoscopic assisted or Endoscopic Assisted Breast Augmentation Surgery. This technique have more of advantages:

  • Pain is less than the normal technique
  • can see the tissues, various blood vessels clearly
  • Fast of recovery time
  • Wound is smaller than normal technique
  • Can controlled shape better
  • Chance of capsular contracture is less than normal


Why you need to choose Endoscopic Assisted Breast Augmentation with Phibeautyclinic Phuket ?

 • Because we have surgery by specialize plastic surgeon, who has many experience in case of breast augmentation surgery with endoscopic assisted and can explannations the breast procedure before surgery and how to take care your self after breast surgery.

• Because Phibeautyclinic Phuket have team of experienced anesthesiologist can work together with plastic surgeon as well and take care you through surgery time.




• Because Phibeautyclinic Phuket have nurse team and staff to take care you before and after surgery to make you comfortable through out the surgery and all time when you have convales cence




• Phibeautyclinic Phuket we concern of surgical wound this is important point, we make a suture finely by specialized plastic surgeon


หมอจิขณะทำการผ่าตัดเสริมหน้าอก และเย็บแผลใต้ราวนมด้วยความประณีต ทำให้แผลหลังการผ่าตัดเสริมหน้าอกแทบจะมองไม่เห็นหรือถ้าไม่สังเกตก็จะไม่เห็นแผลหลังการผ่าตัดสวยมาก


• Phibeautyclinic Phuket plastic surgery clinic in Phuket have clean and sterilized operating room and all instruments are stenlized.




• We have follow up after surgery for good result in long term




• We will give the detail information of breast augmentation surgery procedure before surgery very well




• We will check your health before surgery, keep you safety because you are number one and most important




• Phibeautyclinic Phuket have the silicone implant for you to try the size of breast implant before breast augmentation surgery to get what you like, because we know when you do surgery you need to choose the best thing.




 For all these reasons. You can be assured in Phi Beauty Clinic is available for you to help with breast enhancement. Endoscopic Assisted Breast Augmentation We are willing to provide services and care for all surgical procedures. For the best surgical results for you.

Phibeauty Clinic Phuket



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