Breast Augmentation with Fat tranfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat tranfer


Nowadays, The medical technology was update and changed quickly. We bring technology and new techniques used in medical. Including for cosmetic surgery have many techniques. As well as the breast surgery at Phibeautyclinic, plastic surgery

Phuket We have breast surgery by put the silicone get and lipofilling or fat transfer.

Breast Augmentation with fat injection, for those who don't want to put foreign body substances in to the body or want to natural breast when you touch you will feel soft like your tissue, or in case who do breast augmentation by put the silicone gel earlier and has thin skin to see or touch a wave; fat transfer breast augmentation to fill it is the best way to solve this problem.



How to do breast augmentation with fat tranfer at Phibeautyclinic by Dr.chi, Plastic
surgeon. Doctor bring the fat from the abdominal area or the thigh by liposuction and then through a spining process and separate the fat cells for the best fat cell. 

After that, will injection into the breast area that you want to fill. This technique for fat transfer or fat grafting like plating the trees is when we plant 100% but the result may be estimated 70-80%
the rest may be plant not growth. Fat transter or fat lipofilling it likewise we can't be controlled 100% from cub A to cub C or cub D. Which different breast augmentation with silicone can controlled the result from cub B to cub D better.


Advantages of Breast augmentation with fat tranfer
1. Breast shape will look more natural.
2. Not have foreign bodies inside because it is your own fat
3. soft when touch
4. Not have risk of capsular contracture
5. Not have the wound at breast area

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Posted on 6 years ago