Rhinoplasty Phuket Thailand

Rhinoplasty Phuket Thailand

review nose surgery left side view 45 degree


Today we review case of rhinoplasty in phuket, thailand by Phibeauty clinic phuket. We have picture to show before and after surgery. In our clinic have 2 technique of rhinoplasty for closed technique and open technique. Now rhinoplasty procedure is very popular in thailand.



Thank you so much phibeauty clinic phuket for take care for me. I love with my new nose so much and happy with shape of rhinoplasty with you. Before I did surgery my face look not sharp and I'm not have self confidence but after surgery be done my face look sharp and I have more confidence. I recommend girls to do rhinoplasty in phuket with phibeauty clinic. Trust me if you want perfect result.


review nose surgery left side view 90 degree


review nose surgery right side view 90 degree




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Posted on 6 years ago